What are your Check In/ Check Out Times?

Check-In Time is 3 PM EST.
Check-Out Time is 11 AM EST.  
We may be able to accommodate a slight variation to these times. 

Soft Check-In Available.  Leave and store your gear before occupancy.


What about Smoking or Pets?

Sorry… We love pets, but our guests who suffer from allergies don’t.  Therefore, pets are not allowed.  ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING inside the Inn or around the entrances.  Please dispose of your cigarette butts properly.

Your security deposit may be forfeited for violation of the above.


Do I need a Security Deposit?

Yes,  A $200 check or credit card hold is required at the time of booking.   Rest assured, we will not cash your check or charge your credit card unless significant damage or theft occurs during your stay.  


Can I call you directly and give you my information to schedule a booking instead of using website?    

Yes,  Call us during business hours and we will be happy to schedule your arrival and answer any questions you may have.


I have a last minute guest, how can I add them to my stay at the Inn?

It depends…  If we have room we will try to accommodate you.  An additional guest fee of $25 per guest per night.  Your guest/s must be registered with ATTI and it is a violation of your lease if you don’t register them.   A non-registered guests could result in your security deposit to be in jeopardy and possible immediate eviction.

What items does ATTI supply for your visit?  What do I need you bring?

We supply fresh sheets, towels, blankets and toilet tissue.  We have a fully equipped kitchen if you prefer to prepare your own meal instead of eating at our great restaurants in town.  Please note that we do not supply any food or prepare any meals for you.  We are not a Motel/Hotel Restaurant or Bed & Breakfast-based business.  A hiker box is on the counter.  

What’s your cancellation policy?

If you cancel within a week (7 days) of your reservation, your deposit is not refunded.  However, if we able to re-rent the Inn, your deposit will be refunded in full.  A non-refundable $50 cancellation fee will be charged for any approved booking.